Crazy about Italo

Michael Halve gets addicted to Italo in the early eighties. He records tapes for all of his class mates and soccer team mates. Everybody has to hear this, to have this and to love this. In 1984 he starts his own Disco chart and he becomes the residence DJ at discoteque Soos Dinguss in Delft. At Radio Eldorado his Italo Disco Show starts in 1986.

As the Italo sound changes, Michael stops buying records at the end of the eighties. In the nineties he meets new people in the Italo scene. He finds out that he has missed a lot of records in the eighties. The vinyl fever strikes again. Amidst a period I Venti d’Azzurro flies in a lot of Italo artists.

In 2010 Michael decides to write a book about the wonderful memories he has. Writing and research takes two years. The book Gek van Italo (in Dutch) was published in oktober 2013.

In november 2014 the second edition was published.

An English version of the book (‘Crazy About Italo’) is available now.

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